New Booths’ Supermarket for Penrith

Steven Abbott Associates LLP (SAA) has secured permission for a new E.H Booth & Co Ltd. (Booths) supermarket and other town centre development in Penrith for Booths (Penrith) Ltd.

This is a joint venture formed to develop the site by Booths and the Eric Wright Group, both longstanding clients of SAA. The two companies have worked closely together on various projects over the years, including retail developments in Ilkley, Kendal, Chorley and Ripon.

The new supermarket will be located on previously developed commercial land in Brunswick Road at the north end of the Town Centre.

The detailed design of the development is currently being worked up.

SAA Partner Steven Abbott said: “We are delighted with Eden District Council’s decision on this application, following a great deal of work by the Booths (Penrith) Ltd team. Both Booths and Maple Grove have for many years been keen to build a Booths in Penrith.

“We look forward to seeing the design development phase progress and have no doubt that the end product will typify Booths’ and Maple Grove’s consistently high quality and memorable developments.

“Booths will be a great asset for Penrith, by adding to what is already a very attractive town of character.”

With SAA, Booths’ professional team involved inputs by development consultant Robert Pinkus and Co; architects in the Eric Wright Group, Donald Clark Ltd and Damson Design (Tony Hills);  transport consultants, Turner Lowe Associates; legal advisers Napthens LLP; Helmside Acoustics (noise); HIM (site investigations) and Durham University (archaeology).

(March 2010)