Booths win RTPI NW Special Award

Steven Abbott Associates LLP is delighted to report that E.H.Booth & Co Ltd (Booths) have received a Planning Achievement Award for ‘their consistent and long term positive approach to the planning process’

The award, issued at the recent RTPI NW AGM in Manchester, names Booths , its team of professional advisers and a number of architects as follows:

  • Booths Properties Team:
    • Robert Pinkus and Co LLP (Commercial property surveyors)
    • Donald Clark (Architect/Planner – concept architect)
    • Steven Abbott Associates LLP (Planning consultants)
    • Turner Lowe (Transport)
    • Napthens LLP (Solicitors)
  • Architects:
    • Farrell & Clark
    • Damson Design
    • Wilson Mason
    • Helen Baldwin
    • Leach Rhodes Walker

Steven Abbott, a Partner in SAA said:

"We are really delighted that Booths have received the award which is wholly merited. We know as their retained planning consultants (having being involved with them over the past 20 years) that the Company approaches all of its developments very sensitively from a planning perspective.

All Booths projects are very much a team effort but I would particularly like to applaud the Company’s awareness and sensitivity towards the importance of the local context whilst promoting contemporary designs

Booths have worked with a very creative group of architects and on some schemes partner developers too who have together produced stunning, often award winning solutions"

(December 2013)