New houses on monastery site in St Helens approved

St Helens Council has approved the redevelopment of the Carmelite monastery site in Eccleston for housing.

Steven Abbott Associates LLP acted as planning consultants for Jones Homes North West.

The low density development has been sensitively designed to respect the presence of protected  woodland, a landmark stone boundary wall and local heritage assets (a lodge and archway).

Jones Homes' team worked closely with the Council's officers in moulding the scheme.

SAA Partner, Steven Abbott, said:

"I have enjoyed working with the Jones Homes NW team on this project.

The site was a challenging one given the protected mature trees and boundary walls but those same features are what define its character as a special entity in the local area.

With the demise of the monastery the future of the site became uncertain and no re-use proposals emerged when it was marketed.

The development will retain the defining, mature character provided by the trees, walls, arch and lodge.

It represents a new chapter for the Carmelite site without losing key aspects of its character within the neighbourhood and removes uncertainty about its future.

St Helens Council has acknowledged that it is short of housing sites and major Green belt releases are being proposed. The Carmelite site is in the urban area and involves previously developed land.

Our clients have agreed to make a contribution towards affordable housing in the area by agreement with the Council adding another benefit to the proposals."

(June 2017)