It is important that landowners and other developers engage in the preparation of development plan documents. At Steven Abbott Associates LLP we strive to maximise the value of our client's property portfolios by ensuring that we promote their assets through the local development plan/ framework process, including:

  • Regional Spatial Strategies
  • Local Development Frameworks Documents
  • Supplementary Planning Documents

We have experience of working with the system in a number of locations across the UK and will continue to do so as further, more substantive documents emerge. We engage in the process on behalf of clients to influence the emerging planning policy framework. Where necessary this will involve the presentation of evidence at examinations in public and hearings. Our database of local authority planning documents is regularly updated through contact with authorities.

The planning process can be complex, particularly in the light of continually changing national, regional and local policies. We keep our clients abreast of changes and also alert them to statutory changes as they are mooted, evolve and become policy.